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  • Establishment & Design of Accounts

  • GIF, Video, Visual Design

  • Feed Plan

  • Fast & Balanced Communication

  • Decentralized Finance Promotion

  • Project Audit

  • Business Case Setup

  • Marketing Performance

Establishment & Design of Accounts

We will open your company's accounts on the platforms you want. We will prepare the visual design and text information according to SM criteria.

GIF, Video, Visual Design

Our creative team will produce colourful content every month. Sometimes we will create content on the trending agenda in Turkey.

Feed Plan

Every month, we will design the feed planning in a stylish, harmonious, innovative way. All posts and planning on platforms will be shared with you in advance.

Fast & Balanced Communication

Our team will be in touch as quickly as possible with every message, comment, and audience interaction we will create. Depending on the subject of the communication, a corporate or sincere style will be pursued.

Referral Marketing

Attract partners to the DeFi service to help you achieve your goals faster. For you, we create a high-quality affiliate network and propose referral offers to potential partners.


It's simple to distribute your purpose and products worldwide with social media marketing. Social media helps to raise brand awareness and traffic to your website.

Evox - Marketing Services

What do we offer our essential customers?

Review Sites

The presence on the sites allows users to provide feedback on the DeFi Service's merits and weaknesses and maintain trust in the service. We improve your project's service so that you receive the highest possible customer rating in a short period.


Only have a positive reputation for web search demands—filling search engine results with data that you control. Harmful requests are included.

Decentralized Finance Promotion

We keep our promises while others don't. Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is a blockchain-based financial system that converts various financial services from traditional fiat to digital assets. Any DeFi project's idea and goal is to make people's life easier and more convenient. Also, remember that those who pay with real money do so at their own risk. The most critical aspect of a project's success is trust in it. Evox provides a complete range of services for DeFi projects.

Project Audit

-For the project, a competitive market analysis -Validate the documents with specialists and the crypto community.

Business Case Setup

-Strategy Finance Model, Token Concept and Token Economy, and Marketing Strategy are all being developed as part of the project. -White Paper and other necessary documentation Prepayment. -Creation and development of project infrastructure, including a website, a mobile app, a blockchain, and social profiles.

Marketing Performance

DeFi customers are already familiar with blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. They're interested in the real benefits of a service, as well as new ideas and developments. Users have a strong tendency to trust their previous experiences and the opinions of the crypto community. The novelty of the project idea and its dissemination to the community is critical to DeFi promotion's success. Obtaining reviews, fostering dialogues, news, media references, and the influence of opinion leaders all boost the target audience's interest, build trust, and drive traffic to the project. This is a tried-and-true promotion technique for the growth of DeFi services. Opinion leaders and social media influencers can swiftly draw attention to a new initiative by posting reviews and engaging in debates. The biggest community of experts is on Twitter, then follow Telegram, Reddit, YouTube.

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