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We provide the opportunity to reach a flawless structure by producing innovative solutions for the small details in the stock markets. We develop technical strategies to achieve maximum benefit.


Market Making for Exchanges

We improve unique strategies for token market development to increase volume and liquidity. Enhance traffic and interest in your project by showing a good liquidity pool and deal volumes.

Listing on Crypto Websites

CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko are the world's well-known price-tracking websites that centralize all crypto market cap, prices, trading volume, and so on in one place.

Penetration Testing

It is our duty to foresee the damage that a malicious attack can cause to your stock market from inside or outside and to eliminate the problem by removing the weaknesses. We organize planned attack simulations to take precautions against any future attack. Thus, we prevent data loss and possible economic losses by detecting your company's cyber vulnerabilities and providing the necessary infrastructure services.


Testing and auditing the efficiency of your company's security policies and controls.

To apply the vulnerability and vulnerability scanning in the most detailed way internally and externally.

Provide usable data to audit teams collecting data for compliance with standards.

Reducing the cost of security audits by providing a comprehensive and detailed analysis of your company's security capability.

To provide a comprehensive plan that determines the actions taken to prevent possible attacks, infiltration, and exploitation attempts.

To implement solutions suitable for known vulnerabilities systematic and regular.

To detect and eliminate risks and threats in your company's networks and systems.

Evaluate the efficiency of network security devices such as firewalls, routers, and web servers.

Determine if the existing software hardware or network infrastructure needs a change or upgrade.

The main factor that matters is;
before your company's penetration testing is done, a risk assessment is carried out to reveal the significant threats the network may face. Otherwise, the simulation may turn into a real-time attack. Our team starts with risk assessment, handles all processes in the most detailed and professional way for your company.

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