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We have worked in software, digital marketing, game and project development on crypto, and many more since 2020.

Our priority is always a collective success. Thanks to our result and solution-oriented team, we are developing and improving more and more every day.

At Evox, we believe that blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and other cutting-edge financial technologies have the potential to change the world. We are a team of professionals who will work with you to deliver crypto leads at every process level, including icon invention, blockchain web platform development, promotion, and listing.

What do we do for you ?

Great Work Comes From Teams That Can Work Collectively.

- Access to 1 Million
- 1.5 Million Crypto Followers in Turkey with Our Influencer Team
- Creative Content Production
- Brand Awareness- Social Media Accounts Opening & All Controls
- 24/7 Support Team


We want to contribute to developing Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology in Turkey. Maintaining the success achieved in the long term constitutes the basic principles of Evox.


Our employees in Marketing, Visual Design, Videographer, and other departments are experienced in their fields and can think creatively. Our ultimate goal is to maximize success in line with possibilities and make it sustainable. We communicate based on perceiving and meeting customer demands and expectations perfectly. It is among our priorities to establish a tight bond based on trust between the projects we work with by making psychological and sociological analyses of the Turkish people.


Meet our awesome team.

Baris Büyüktas


Ali Ilhan


Oguzhan Ceylan

General Manager

Onur J. Doger


Melis Ilhan


Burak Anayurt


Hicran Yildirim

Creative Group Head

Edip Kebapcioglu

Marketing Manager

Mustafa Turan

Market Research Analyst

Oguzhan Er

Head of Guild


Marketing Manager

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