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EVOX Agency knows what a fantastic website should look like and how it should work to attract investors. Get a low-cost, fully adaptive website with a user-friendly layout that converts well. Get a great website that will help you make more money. Select the best website for your needs.

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When creating a website, we use a sophisticated UX interface to maximize each client's LTV. We believe that the security of partners and clients is critical in the crypto-financial world. This is why cybersecurity specialists are crucial members of our team.

P2P Exchange

A P2P (peer-to-peer) exchange uses the fundamental notion of blockchain technology, decentralization, to perform transactions without the intervention of a central authority while linking buyers and sellers directly. The platform is driven by an intelligent contract-based architecture that ensures secure transactions. It allows you to have more control over who buys your cryptocurrencies and who you buy them from, as well as the pricing and settlement times. Customers have more control over the exchange process with peer-to-peer trading.

Trading Platform

It is a virtual currency exchange for other digital assets such as crypto or fiat currencies. Crypto trading is prevalent these days, and many companies participate in it. Users who register can purchase and sell digital currency, watch its exchange rates (which fluctuate over time), and store crypto assets. The level of security and payment options on such websites are usually given top priority. An experienced user, on the other hand, should consider the exchange rate in real-time mode.

Cryptocurrency Exchange

A cryptocurrency exchange, also known as digital currency exchange (DCE), is a company that allows users to trade or convert cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency or fiat cash to cryptocurrency. In exchange for digital currencies or cryptocurrencies, they may accept bank card payments, wire transfers, and other means of payment.

Corporate Website

A website used to represent a brand on the Internet is often used as the landing page for advertising content and information about products or services.

Smart Contract Development:

Smart contracts are self-executing digital agreements that operate under predetermined parameters that no one can change. As a result, creating smart contracts allows you to have transparent, convenient, and reliable transactions without involving any third parties.
General applications of the intelligent contract include:

-Custom functionality and criteria for a particular crypto market may be required by your company.

-To simplify processes and introduce verifiability, specific tokens for a range of protocols are being created.

-Developing your cryptocurrency and blockchain project's pre-sales and sales phases.

-Launching a public crowd sale for marketing objectives, including bonuses, buybacks, manual price changes, dividends, and discounts. -Including escrow assistance to increase transparency and foster confidence among parties.

What do we offer?

-An experienced team will identify an appropriate solution to meet your objectives within a set price and timetable.

-The use of various technologies (Bitcoin, EOS, Ethereum, Bitshares, Steamit, Polkadot, etc.).

-A security adit will assist your company in mitigating the hazards of blockchain development.

Smart contracts can be used to achieve multiple business goals, such as

Enabling more autonomy

Smart contracts can help you decrease operational redundancies and boost efficiency by automating procedures and replacing third parties.

Introducing transparency

Because smart contracts are written on the blockchain, no one entity can change the conditions after being written.

Creating timely backup

Through duplication and dissemination, all of the documentation is automatically backed up. Furthermore, because these documents are saved on a blockchain, they are far more secure than centralized database storage.

Market Making Service

We know how to build a successful trading history for your token and improve overall demand! To enhance volume, liquidity and fill holes in Order Books, we propose new solutions for token market development.

Why Do You Need Market Making?

-Increasing the token's position in the chosen exchange's listings

-Increasing the number of new investors and professional traders

-Investing and trading costs are being reduced

-Taking advantage of the token's joint authority

-Better listing conditions on new exchanges

-Token Liquidation entails the sale of unsold tokens

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